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We want to build a catalog of “How To’s” and a ecosystem of learning so that ordinary people can learn skills that can help them generate revenue and help them build their own businesses. Our goal is to help you become self sufficient and to help teach you skills and strategies that are being taught elsewhere for a exuberant amount of money at an affordable price.

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We do not teach teach theories or hypothesis.. We are actually in the field doing the things we teach.

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Our programs are set up in a way that make it easy for you to learn anywhere anytime so you can truly learn at your own pace.

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All of our content and programs are frequently updated. We live in a time where things and methods change quickly and the last thing you need is to learn something that no longer works or no longer applies because of some update or change.

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How To Create A Membership Website Masterclass (Releasing January 8th 2021)

The education business is BOOMING! Most people think you need some fancy setup and a million people need to know you to be successful and that couldn’t be furthest from the truth.

If you know a skill, a process, or information that is in demand and people want to learn you can create a lucrative course or multiple courses. In this program we will show you exactly how we have been able to do 6 figures in a year and a half and how we are on the verge to hit multiple 6 figures in under 2 years.

In our process we did not use any paid ads, any webinars, or any get rich quick schemes. We will show you a simple process if you’re a beginner and we will also show a more advanced setup for those with a little more experience.

We will share everything from what systems we use to our payment processors to marketing. We don’t make any crazy promises like all the other “gurus” out there. If you put in the work, follow directions and implement what you learn you can create a realistic business that can run itself once its setup properly.

Here are some of the things you will be learning in this course:

  • How To Setup A Beautiful Membership Website
  • How To Own Your Content & Not Rely On Companies Like Kajabi and Clickfunnels
  • What Hosting Companies To Use
  • How To Record Your Content
  • How To Create Your Target Audience
  • How To Use Facebook Groups To Make Sells
  • How To Automate New Student Enrollment
  • How To Create A “OnlyFans” User Experience On Your Own Platform
  • How To Create Different Price Points, Bundles and Payment Plan Options
  • How To Upsell Ad-Hoc Student Services
  • How To Automate Student Calls
  • How To Use Email Marketing
  • How To Create A Better User Experience
  • How To Use A VA To Automate Your Platform
  • How To Properly Run Ads To Increase Your Revenue
  • How To Grow Your Brand
  • How To Create A Affiliate Program
  • How To Use Student Testimonials To Increase Sales
  • & Much More!

Facebook Ads Masterclass for Real Estate Motivated Sellers

I’ll show you exactly what I do to generate 5, 10, 15+ MOTIVATED seller leads WEEKLY! Doesn’t matter if you’ve never used Facebook ads before either! This course is newbie proof! You’ll get everything you need to run a successful campaign. From what ad copy works the best to when to kill your ad! All step by step.

Facebook is very cumbersome with how you receive your data when someone fills out your form. I will show you exactly how to automate the process so when someone fills out your ad it goes straight to your phone so you can follow up immediately!

The beauty of Facebook is how much it costs to implement. Ill show you how I generate tons of leads for $35-$50 dollars a day! I also show you how to test the waters starting out with a $25 dollar a day budget to test your ads!

Here are some of the things you will be learning in this course:

  • How To Create A Facebook Business Page
  • How To Create A Facebook Business Manager
  • How To Create A Facebook Ad Account
  • How To Create Facebook Lead Form Ads
  • How To Target Your Audience Properly and Deal With The Special Ad Category Changes
  • How To Properly Test Ads
  • How Much To Spend On Ads
  • How To Automate Lead Form Ad Submissions (How To Set Up Podio & Zapier)
  • How To Follow Up With Sellers
  • How To Edit or Kill Under-performing Ads
  • How To Implement Simple Re-targeting Techniques 
  • How To Prevent Spam Comments On Your Ads
  • How Not To Get Banned By Facebook
  • How To Create Audiences To Target With Lead Form Ads
  • How To Create Traffic Ads
  • How To Properly Use Video Ads
  • How To Properly Use The Boost Button
  • How To Set Up Your Podio
  • & Much More!

How To Facebook Ads for Shopify

What You’ll Learn In This Program:

  • How To Create A Facebook Business Page
  • How To Create Proper Business Manager
  • How To Set Up Your Pixel Properly
  • How To Set Up Your Campaigns/Ad Sets
  • How Much To Spend On Ads
  • How To Properly Test
  • How To Scale (Basic & Intermediate Techniques) 
  • How To Target The Right Way
  • & Much More!

Plus Some Bonuses!

  •  Tips On How To NOT Get Banned On Facebook
  • Keyword Tips
  • Optimizing Tricks We Use
  • & More!

In this program you will learn how to set up your ads and be in the perfect position to scale your business up to 5 even 6 figures! This is a beginner friendly program and I show you how to do everything step by step!

RVM for Real Estate Motivated Sellers

In this course you will learn exactly how to set up your Ringless Voicemail process.

What you will learn:

  • How to Record Your Message
  • What To Say
  • How Many Messages To Send
  • How to Set Up Your Reply


Hear Example Recordings of Exactly What We Say and How We Say It!

Coming in 2022:

Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents (April 2022)

How To Flip Pallets (June 2022)

How to Dropship With Alibaba (April 2022)

How to Build Beautiful Converting Shopify Websites (May 2022)

Facebook Ads Masterclass (How to Use Facebook Ads for pretty much anything)(July 2022)

How to Create Your Own Course The Right Way (Nov 2022)

How to Build a Membership Website (Dec 2022) 

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If you have any specific questions we haven’t answered, please reach out to us!

Everyone should! With technology, having access to information is one of the best things to happen in recent times. Everyone should try to better themselves by learning skills and trades that will help them generate income or even help them progress in their current field.

Every student will have access to all course and programs thru the student portal.

Nope! All our programs are beginner friendly. Even our more advanced courses will always have a beginner friendly course for anyone seeking more clarity on the basics to reference to.

Please reach out to us! More often than not its a payment gateway issue and simply trying again would fix it. But please, if you run into any issues reach out to us!

We use a combination of pre-recorded content and video conferencing to ensure our students are grasping and understanding our programs. We have also built in social groups separated by program, scheduled group monthly Zoom calls, and the ability for a student to schedule a 30 minute call to iron out any questions or concerns they may be having. Online learning may be online, but it doesn’t have to be heard or cumbersome.